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The webpage tinting feature is one of the cosmetic improvements made to Safari in iOS 15. As suggested by the name, this feature adds color to the top portion of the iPhone’s Safari interface. In this post, we’ll go into further depth about What is website tinting, why people find it beneficial, and how to activate and disable it using the Safari browser.

What is website tinting

What is Website Tinting?

With website tinting, Safari, the web browser application for the iPhone known for its transparent backdrop, may change the color of its top portion to match the color of the website being browsed by the user.According to Review42, regardless of whether a user’s configuration is in the dark or light mode, Safari’s top or notch region is often transparent.In order to reproduce or approximate the tone or color of the page being visited, the website tinting function tints the upper half of the screen.In accordance with the color of the website being visited, Safari’s tabs, bookmarks, and navigation buttons also change color as part of the web tinting function. While the transparent quality of Safari’s bottom address bar’s hue or tone is still present.
These options include where on your interface the URL address bar should be located and the website’s color schemes. After receiving several complaints, Apple now gives customers more control over the website’s tinting options. Want to learn more about What is website tinting, including how to turn it on and off?

What Does the iOS 15 Safari Website Tinting Function Mean?

Now that you know What is website tinting, let’s look at how you can use iOS 15 to activate it. The iOS functionality of website tinting is dated. Earlier iOS versions had this item buried deep in the Accessibility settings. Prior to being renamed “Allow Website Tinting,” it was called “Show Color in Tab Bar,” but it had the same purpose.Some people find this feature to be less user-friendly and believe it to be problematic even though it is meant to improve and make the browsing experience more immersive.Despite the fact that we do not see website tinting in that way, we oppose making it the default. You have the choice to select or deselect it because it is an optional feature.

How does website tinting work?

Businesses and other organizations make investments in their websites’ designs in order to give their customers a good online experience. Elementor claims that web designers utilize color tints to provide users with a relaxing and engaging experience when using the website.
Designers can utilize a straightforward yet attractive design with tints that makes it simple for people to access the information they’re looking for on a website. Due to its comparable color basis, the color scheme is also useful in giving the website a clean and cohesive appearance.Utilizing the website tinting makes surfing enjoyable for the eyes and provides a clear view of the top section. In this approach, reading the website’s information is also made simpler.
What is Website Tinting

Website shading isn’t new to iOS

For those who are unaware, iOS already has a capability that renders websites. Previously, this option in iOS was tucked away under the accessibility customization. 
Despite having the same features as the new Allow Website Rendering, it was called “Show Color in the Tab Bar. Despite the fact that this function strives to make each Internet experience unique and enjoyable, many users find it less user-friendly and think it ruins everything. 
While I’m against this method of producing websites, I’m also against making it the default. Here is how to pick or “deselect” this feature because it is optional.

What Is Website Tinting on iOS 15

Website tinting was one of the new features of Safari’s overhauled user interface, which also made it simple for users to ban websites and do reverse image searches. 

A more immersive online experience is made possible by this feature, which enables you to change the colors of Safari’s navigation buttons, bookmarks, and tabs to match the colors of the page you’re reading. Only devices with iOS 15 or iPadOS compatibility can access the option.
Website tinting is a feature of iOS 15 that, although being intended to enhance surfing, some users worry that it may be problematic. You may choose to turn it on or off based on your tastes, though, since it is an optional option.
Imagine you’re on a website with a top bar that is dark brown in color. When website tinting is on, the time and battery level indicators in your iPhone or iPad’s status bar will adopt the website’s hue, in this case, a dark brown shade.In contrast, if you turn off website tinting on iOS, the top section of your iPhone’s screen will be either white and deep gray or black and deep gray, depending on whether you’re using the Light or Dark mode.

What is Website Tinting watch the video 

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