Similarweb Chrome Extension

The Similarweb chrome extension is one of the extensions that webmasters should use. It is advised that webmasters install a Similarweb extension on their Chrome browsers to obtain a free website traffic analysis for any website they want.

This will allow you to examine some crucial statistics about any website.

Installing this extension could be a good idea if you want to monitor how your rival is performing.

A complete report on programs and websites may be obtained with a simple click of the mouse.

In order to plan your strategy and attract them to your website, you will be better able to understand where the visitors of the website you are attempting to emulate are coming from.

When you have the extension installed on your Chrome web browser, you can only make use of all these benefits.

Installing this add-on on your browser may be done by going to the Chrome web store.

So far, this add-on has received positive feedback. That shows they are following through on their pledge.

It is now time for you to download a copy for yourself.


Similarweb chrome extension

Similarweb is a provider of digital intelligence to corporate and small to medium-sized company (SMB) clients. The platform delivers online analytics services and provides customers with information on the web traffic and performance of their clients and rivals.

History of Similarweb

Or Offer established the firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007. Similarweb won the inaugural Israeli SeedCamp in 2009, gaining worldwide media and investors’ interest. Yossi vardi and Docor International Management led the $1.1 million Series A round of funding. Later that year, SimilarSites, a browser extension that helps users identify sites that are similar to the ones they are visiting, was released.
On September 24, 2013, the firm announced the completion of a Series B investment headed by David Alliance and Moshe Lichtman, with current investor Docor International Management participating.
Naspers, the South African media conglomerate, invested $18 million in Similarweb on February 24, 2014, leading their Series C investment. Similarweb utilized a portion of the funding to acquire Israeli early-stage business TapDog for a few million dollars in shares and cash less than a year after it was created.
Similarweb raised $15 million in Series D funding in November 2014.
Swayy, the inventor of a tailored content discovery engine, was bought by Similarweb in July 2015.
A $47 million fundraising round headed by Viola Group, and Saban Ventures, with participation from CE Ventures and current investors, was disclosed by the business in July 2017.
Similarweb will make its public debut on the NYSE in May 2021, with a $1.6 billion value.
Similarweb earned “Best Alternative Data Provider” at the Hedgeweek Americas Awards in October 2021 for their investors intelligence package.
Smiliarweb announced profitability for Q4 2021 on February 16, 2022, with Q4 sales of $40.2 million and Q4 ARR of $165 million.

Similarweb chrome extension

Download Similarweb Chrome extension 5.6.5 for free. Please see this page. Similarweb Traffic Rank & Website Analysis for Chrome may be downloaded here. Similarweb is a fantastic plugin that works flawlessly and saves a lot of time.
For Chrome, a Similarweb CRX extension 5.6.5 free Download was required. The website developed the Similarweb plugin for Google Chrome. Here you may get the most recent, top-notch traffic rank and official notification for the Similarweb extension. The most comprehensive competitive digital intelligence assessment of your sector has been made available by their authorities.
SimilarWeb may be a very useful tool if you work in the web design, marketing, or content industries. With the help of this add-on, you may examine traffic volumes, traffic sources, historical activity patterns, and other crucial analytical data to aid in making critical online decisions. Although it isn’t as comprehensive as using Google Analytics, it is quite quick and perfect for making rapid comparisons.

Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer SideBar Extensions for SimilarWeb

Similarweb chrome extension

Instant access to the top websites related to the one you are viewing is made possible by the SimilarWeb SideBar Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The SimilarWeb sidebar can help you find comparable sites wherever you go on the internet. It improves your browser, making online browsing simpler, quicker, and more efficient.
After installation, the sidebar pops up on the side of your screen and displays tiny images of websites that are similar to the one you are presently browsing. To our community, please recommend your favorite websites. All feedback and recommendations from users are taken into account. Using SimilarWeb, you might discover rival websites, cost-free alternatives, well-known websites related to your hobbies, and far more.

What is Similarweb?

With the use of the business intelligence tool Similarweb, you can track everything about your website, from traffic to user behavior. Moreover, to gather the information required from these reports in order to develop a more effective plan for your website. In essence, we may say that it involves assessing the internet’s influence of your company.
The business, founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2007, provides services for the biggest names in online commerce, including eBay, Google, PayPal, and others. More than 80 million web pages and 3 million applications are presently being analyzed by Similarweb. 
That’s a sizable quantity, therefore I believe the purchase is worthwhile. Additionally, Scalability, a sophisticated analytics system, and Features are the key advantages of Similarweb.

More information about SimilarWeb for Chrome

Similarweb chrome extension
With the touch of a button, you can use the SimilarWeb Browser Extension to view statistics and surfing tactics for any website while you are browsing. You may browse websites and get all the information you want in one location with the help of the extension.
For every website, you can quickly and easily obtain detailed traffic and interaction information. Do you want to know how popular a website is? Which major sources of traffic are there? All of these data and a ton more are made available to users through the SimilarWeb browser plugin.
When you download our application, you sign up for SimilarWeb Panel and become a part of our ambitious initiative to learn about the latest insights and developments in the digital world. This project aims to increase and spread information about emerging trends in the digital sphere.
To provide you with analytic data, rankings, popularity, and website analytics, you must give the extension the following rights to gather anonymized clickstream data: All Hosts, Web Request, Web Request Blocking, Web Navigation, tabs, and storage. We collect information about your browsing habits, especially the domains you visit. For more information on how we gather data, please read our privacy statement before installing our add-on, which is accessible here:

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