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seo services primelis | SEO Meaning In Business After creating a web site you need to do “SEO”. Web site admins or various organizations and individuals are looking for a skilled SEO expert. Today I will learn about the work of an “SEO” expert, salary, job marketplace and what is SEO etc. “SEO” Tools park seo joon

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To be an “SEO” expert, you must first know what “SEO” is. The full form of “SEO” is search engine optimization. This means that all the data of the web site that you or the organization creates will be in the top list in browsers like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. seo services primelis  seo in-guk

For that, the “SEO” expert must first search for the status of the Low Value keyword “DA” “PA”. Then create a site map and fix the onpage problems of the site. seo ye-ji

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Such as: HTML tag problems, image problems, Alt attribute problems, etc. will solve the problem. Then specify the site title, meta description, robot.txt, etc. seo ye ji

SEO For Beginners | Search Engine Optimization | SEO | SEO Tools | SEO tutorial

Then check if the online site is mobile friendly. Simply put, the device will see if it is friendly. Then if there is a problem with the JavaScript code of the site will solve it with the developer. seo meaning

In order to keep the site on top in Google or any other browser, you need to look at online “SEO” as well as offline “SEO”. what is seo

Now let’s find out what is the salary of an “SEO” expert. The salary of an “SEO” expert varies from country to country. In Bangladesh, software companies usually pay 15-20 thousand rupees. seo hyun-jin

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Let’s find out how many types of “SEO”. There are 2 types of “SEO”. 1. White hat “SEO” II. Backhat “SEO” There are a few more names available but these two types of “SEO” are very popular. Web sites need white hat “SEO”. This increases the number of visitors day by day and the site speed and backlinks are strong.

There is one more SEO Gray Head SEO. Google does not have a problem with this SEO. For example, posting on a web site, submitting a comment on a contract form, etc. fall into the category of gray head SEO. seo ji-hye

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After that, if you have difficulty in understanding, you must let us know in the comments. And tell us what you need new tutorials by e-mail or have been added to the web site social ids. As if you are the first to get the new tutorials. seo

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