how to verify facebook account | How To Create Facebook Account |

how to verify facebook account? It’s so easy to verify  Facebook Lite Login or Facebook Account Verification.  To verify your Facebook ID, you must first create a Facebook ID A phone number is required first to create an account. Because the Facebook company will send a code to that number. For that you have to do a Google search on Now click on the link. You will see such an interface.

Facebook Sign Up

Facebook Login | How To Create Facebook Account | How To Verify Facebook Account | ফেজবুক লগইন

Click on the “Create New Account” button to see a new interface. And if you already have an account, then “Email Facebook Login Account Password

Enter your e-mail ( or phone number (01764643643) in the address or Phone number “&” Password “field. And to create a new account” Create New Account ” Free Facebook Login Click on Then you will see such a window. how to verify facebook account

Facebook Login | How To Create Facebook Account | How To Verify Facebook Account | ফেজবুক লগইন

Now enter your name in the “First Name” field. For example, enter a name in the Rakibul and Surname fields. For example: Islam then your e-mail or My Facebook Account Enter the phone number. Such as: (01764643643) and enter a strong password. For example: & ^% ahH112 then enter Date of birth and select Gender
Facebook Login English Do it. Now click on the “Sign UP” button. When you open an account with your phone number, a code will be sent. Enter the code and click the SENT button. Your Facebook account will be. Now you will see such a window. For example: Home, Friend, Page, Group, Event ETC. Will see. Old Facebook Login

Facebook Login | How To Create Facebook Account | How To Verify Facebook Account | ফেজবুক লগইন

Now you will see various features in this window. For example: Profile, Setting, Messenger, Notification Etc. Facebook Lite Login Select a beautiful photo for profile. And upload. Then fill in the About feature well. Your studies, Fill in the job, address, etc. nicely. In this way, fill all the features of the profile option. Hope you understand.
The Facebook ID was opened, the setting was complete. Now let’s find out about Facebook pages, events, groups, etc. Change Facebook Login

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And of course remember to make your Facebook account according to your NID card For example, your name, year of birth, everything must be done according to the national ID card This is the right way to Facebook

Facebook Login | How To Create Facebook Account | How To Verify Facebook Account | ফেজবুক লগইন

Facebook ID creation medium | Now let’s know how to do blue verification or verification of your Facebook ID To verify Facebook ID, you need to enter Facebook After entering Facebook, you have to click on the Three Dot menu Then click on Help Center

Then the help center will open After the help center is opened, you have to go to the search option from there In the search option, you have to write Blue Verification in the request Then click on Blue Verification BASE in the request Then How do I Request A Verified Badge On Facebook? Click on it Then How Do I Request a Verified badge? In it

Click Then the contact from the text will come Then you have to click on it Then profile and page two options will be written If you want to verify the page between these two, you have to click on the page and if you want to verify the profile. Click on the profile Then it will be Provide Your Facebook Profiles Link. Now you have to give the link of your Facebook profile there Select A Category For The Page or

Profile Then from here you have to select any one category Which country is This Entry From? Then you have to write the name of the country from which you will give this form Then your voter ID card or driving license Or you need a passport photo When giving a picture, make sure that the picture is very clear and clear You

will then be asked to write something about what you want to verify your Facebook ID for I will go and verify my ID for that Then check everything once to see if something went wrong or if it is right then you have to send it. You can also take a look at the video link below.

Also, if you need any topic, please write in the comments or post without any hesitation. The problem will be solved very soon inshaAllah.

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