How to start freelancing with no experience


You’re interested in finding out how to start freelancing with no experience. The additional time you’d have to spend with family and friends is so appealing that you think about it nonstop. becoming your own boss would make you happy. the additional funds necessary for you to reach your financial objectives.

You’re fortunate, though, because I previously found myself in your position, earning $32,000 a year from a job where there was no chance to advance. I discovered how to become an untrained freelancer out of desperation to escape. Therefore, I will demonstrate my process in detail for you today. In addition, I’ll go over 28 starts
points for freelancing.

How to start freelancing with no experience

How to start freelancing with no experience

I’m living proof that you don’t need any prior how to start freelancing with no experience in the business. Just six months after I began writing for a living, I had enough money coming in from freelance work to more than replace my regular income.

Freelancing requires experience, so if you’ve never done it or have never heard of it, How to start freelancing with no experience? The world does not end, despite that. Believe that you are not alone and that the number of freelancers is growing every year, despite the fact that many of them have no or very little experience.

At the beginning of their careers, freelancers only bring their will and steadfast drive to succeed. You’ll discover as you get experience in the field of freelancing that there are many areas in which you are qualified to work because you have the necessary knowledge and abilities.

Students that are proficient in English or perhaps their native tongue are widespread around the world. These pupils discover thousands of jobs that are available online and call for skills in a specific language. Many people have a high level of English proficiency, which can help them advance significantly.

If you fall under this category, you’ll be gathered to learn that there are lots of professions out there that are a good fit for your abilities. Writing articles, editing content for blogs, transcribing audio files into text, creating stories, and many other tasks are examples of these jobs.

There are alternative routes to freelancing if you do not speak the language well. Nowadays, data entry is a common profession. Most people can perform data entry, which is very useful for many businesses worldwide as it helps them save a lot of time when freelancers perform this task.
In case you’re unfamiliar, data entry is the process of entering or updating information into a computer system. Easy, huh? For those who can type more quickly than the average member of the population, this is especially beneficial. So, if you have quick typing, you are aware of the appropriate place to look. How to start freelancing with no experience It’s simple to start freelancing using this method, even if you have no prior experience.

How to start freelancing with no experience

Other positions require no prior experience, with the exception of data entry and tasks requiring language ability. Virtual assistants (those who help clients from their homes) are in high demand online, and many of these roles don’t require prior expertise.

Suppose you search on Upwork, the largest outsourcing and freelancing website, for projects that don’t require any prior experience. If so, you can find positions as a social media manager, web developer, editor of picture books, project and customer support specialist, audio editor, and many more.

Remember that lacking ability or skill does not equate to lacking past experience and that even if you may not have previously worked as a freelancer, you probably possess the necessary skills to work in at least one specific industry.

1. Decide what kind of freelance work you wish to do.

It is possible to “freelance” in a zillion different ways. In order to decide what kind of freelancing you want to undertake, the first step is to determine your passions.
You might select freelance copywriting or video editing if you’re more of a creative kind. If you’re technically inclined, you might consider freelancing in web development or coding. Use the over 28 freelancing suggestions at the end of this article if you need some inspiration.
Check out our advice for overcoming indecision if you feel paralyzed by your alternatives. The secret is to decide which notion most appeals to you, act on it right away, and repeat. Later, you can always make changes.

2. Adopt the proper attitude as you discover how to start freelancing with no experience.

Any time you start a new adventure, imposter syndrome might show up and convince you that you aren’t deserving, intelligent, or skilled enough to make it happen.
What’s this, though? The liar in your own head is you. Furthermore, putting it to rest can assist you in acquiring a rich and affluent mindset that will enable you to make significant changes in your life.

3. Build a webpage

Many independent contractors become fixated on building the ideal website when they’re first starting out. But keep in mind that your website doesn’t have to be flawless. It is basically a location where prospective clients may browse your portfolio and discover more about you.
Create a simple website, and get it online as soon as you can. As you gain more expertise, you can always go back and make changes. What I suggest doing is as follows:

Using Squarespace, create a simple website. (For people without prior website design knowledge, it is the simplest platform.) Create websites for your rates, portfolio, and about me. Include a contact page so visitors may arrange a meeting for an exploration call. Make sure your website has a Calendly link so visitors may arrange a call with you straight without sending you an email or filling out a form first. (Optional)

How to start freelancing with no experience

4. Create your first portfolio.

The last stage is to compile a portfolio of three to five works that you may display to prospective customers. But I’m trying to learn How to start freelancing with no experience, you might be saying. When nobody wants to hire a rookie, how am I supposed to create my portfolio?
Let me share a little secret with you. Have you prepared? Here it is: Building your portfolio doesn’t need having actual clients. You are able to complete all tasks as though you were hired to accomplish them.
Therefore, if you are a logo designer, this can entail developing various logo packages for fictitious, ideal clients in your industry. Creating a few websites that highlight your greatest abilities is necessary if you’re a website designer. No matter if they were for fictitious businesses, it doesn’t matter as long as potential customers enjoy your end product.
Important: This advice might not apply to any freelance employment that heavily depends on expertise (such as financial coaching, fitness training, or pet-sitting, for example). Therefore, if this describes you, you might wish to skip creating a fictitious portfolio and proceed directly to the following step instead:

5. Locate your first few customers.

Though it may seem difficult at first, finding clients as a new freelancer is possible. There are tried-and-true methods for obtaining the initial few clients. Observe the following three locations:

Examine job boards

When you’re just starting to learn how to operate as a freelancer without any expertise, Upwork and Fiverr are fantastic places to gain some quick victories. However, once you’ve achieved some experience, you’ll probably want to leave these sites.
In addition to taking a big chunk of your profits, many of the businesses that employ them are looking for the lowest-priced labor.

Connect to your network

This is just what Bola, our CEO, did when she began her side business of photography years before the inception of Clever Girl Finance. She began by snapping pictures during the wedding of her best friend. She then requested that members of her social circle serve as her “test subjects” as she honed her abilities.

They accepted the offer of free photos! In conclusion, if you want to discover How to start freelancing with no experience, get in touch with people you already know! It might pleasantly surprise you.

Despite how terrifying this last one may appear, trust me! The best technique to attract new clients is through cold emailing. Many businesses are utterly overburdened with work and managing several projects at once. As a result, a strong cold email could lead to an excellent freelancing chance.
The hitch is that you must first build a portfolio before you send out cold emails. The reason for this is that businesses need proof that they can deliver the caliber of work they require. So, before you start contacting people, create your portfolio if you don’t already have one.

6. Purchase a course that explains how to start freelancing with no experience

Do you want to accelerate your success? Find a course online that will show you how to start a freelance business with no prior experience. I began my freelance copywriting career by doing exactly this.

I had no prior experience at all, but I discovered a copywriting course that had been developed by an experienced professional who had already made all the mistakes and knew how to do it correctly. My full-time income was replaced by freelancing within six months of purchasing her course, and I left my job of eight hours a day.

Without the course, could I have established a successful freelance career? Yes. But would I have needed much more time to complete it? Absolutely. Consider enrolling in a freelancing school to assist you launch your career if it matches your financial situation and learning preferences.

If you’re interested in learning How to start freelancing with no experience, here are 28 things to try.

Even without expertise, there are numerous methods to make money as a freelancer. To help you select a job that best utilizes your skills, we’ve included a list of 28 freelance options, organized by category. Choose the freelance concept that most immediately appeals to you after reading the list below.
To start with, consider one of these inventive freelancing options if you have a talent for writing, editing, drawing, or any other creative endeavor:
Freelance writer, Copy editor, Freelance marketer, Social media manager, Photographer, Video editor, Graphic designer, Logo designer, Illustrator, Animator, Voice artist, Website designer, App designer, Web developer, or coder,  Ux/UI designer, SEO expert. 
Watch the How to start freelancing with no experience video.

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