Graphic Design Is My Passion

 You have seen it. The notorious Graphic design is my passion meme that may have even been posted by you on Twitter or Facebook. What does this image actually signify, though? What caused that to happen? Aside from how funny the joke is, why should you care about anything else? In this post, we’ll provide all the information you need to know.

Graphic Design Is My Passion

Why Graphic Design is My Passion?

People may quickly understand what you produce and who you are as a talented graphics designer by reading a statement like “Graphic design is my passion.” Visual artists, graphic design firms, and self-described graphic designers regularly use the phrase to present their portfolios on social media and the internet. 

There are numerous success stories in the field of graphic design. Despite the fact that it is a difficult area to break into, many people have found it to be incredibly gratifying. Added to this is the fact that I am passionate about graphic design. Even while success might be difficult to achieve at first, it becomes a lot more doable with practice.

Graphic Design Meme

It’s a typical adage among graphic designers to remark, My hobby is graphic design. Sadly, it frequently has a vague sense and connotes sarcasm. The idiom was initially used by designers to make a fun joke about bad design, but it has subsequently gained popularity among online users. 
Since their original author isn’t usually identified, memes like this one have the potential to go widespread. One such illustration is the rainbow meme, which shows a cartoon item on a white background. In this instance, the designer made mistakes with the typefaces and photo-editing methods. 

The rainbow meme is comparable to the “Paint Editor” in that it is made up of wildly discordant fronts and hues. These memes frequently use a variety of font weights, styles, and text shadows in their content. Graphic designers frequently use memes as a form of self-promotion. 

This meme is frequently used by designers to advertise their services, and the visuals on the posters are frequently cartoons with different font sizes. The meme’s accompanying amusing animations give it a unique feel. On Twine, hundreds of fresh memes are published each day.

Graphic designers each have their unique working methods, much like any other profession. Their work has a poor reputation as a result. Some people still pursue it as a job, though.

 A talented designer may help any business by increasing awareness of a topic by employing the appropriate images and messaging. Meme culture has also sparked a resurgence in word art. The process of changing the font, size, or color of each character in a sentence is known as word art.

Meaning Graphic Design is My Passion

After producing the first version of “Graphic Design is My Passion,” there was no going back. The phrase was initially used as a joking dig at shoddy design by designers, graphic artists, and design businesses. The clich√© was taken up by the web community and turned into a scathing attack on designers who, as is typical in such situations, took their jobs too seriously.

The meme mocks the many amateur graphic designers who produce poor graphics with Word, Paint, and other free applications. And I’d say that this is motivated by a sense of unhappiness. Many people struggle to understand why a designer would need so much time or money to do work when, in their eyes, it should be fairly simple and basic.

Graphic Design Is My Passion

How do memes work?

How do memes work? Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary scientist, published “The Selfish Gene” in 1976. This book is where the word “meme” first appeared. According to Dawkins’ theory, memes, which include jokes, tales, and songs, are a mechanism for people to communicate and preserve culture and ideas. 

Memes grow quickly because they are simple to distribute on websites like Facebook and Twitter. With its own set of norms and traditions, memes have grown to be a common form of entertainment. As an illustration, it’s typical for individuals to spread memes that simply claim, “Graphic design is my love,” without providing any context, making it seem like a joke, or having any other apparent meanings.

What does this expression mean?

There was no going back once the My Passion meme’s initial visual was created. Designers, visual artists, and design firms first employed the term as a humorous jab at subpar design. The web community adopted the cliche and transformed it into a caustic jab at designers who took their work too seriously, as it frequently does in similar circumstances. 

The meme is a parody of the numerous subpar designs created by amateur graphic designers using programs like Word, Paint, and other free software. Additionally, I would contend that this is motivated by irritation. Many individuals find it difficult to comprehend why a graphic designer would need to spend so much time or money on a task that, in their opinion, should be extremely straightforward and easy.

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